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In this short blog , I will walk you guys through the steps for creating your own Telegram bot in python. I would like to show you how you can create a simple telegram bot.

Let me give a background on how i landed up on this thought.

In this pandemic when we all are locked out and fighting with this vicious virus. I thought of creating a bot that will give the nearest vaccination centers as per the pincode and district name provided by the user.

So what my bot does ? It throws 5 questions…

In this blog we will try to understand the basic difference between traditional REST API and Reactive Programming. We will understand Traditional REST API Design and its drawbacks. We will also get into Reactive Programming and see the advantages it gives us over traditional REST API.

Lets first have a look at how the things works with traditional REST API design. At the end I’ll show you the real difference through the same through the code .

Traditional REST API Design

Above code is a simple get mapping by item id and in response we are sending ResponseEntity of item. To achieve this we…

Before starting lets understand what’s exactly Drool is. Lets take a scenario of any Ecommerce site. Consider Amazon is having a mega sale going on. In this sale they are offering different discounts on different Bank Cards. Like for a purchase of more than 5000 Rupees on HDFC Bank customers are getting 15% discount . Similarly discount on ICICI is 12% and likewise some other discount on any other card. So for such use case you would have code using if else condition in the service layer something like this

public Order orderNow(@RequestBody Order order) {

If you are new to docker then i would strongly recommend to check out my this story on understanding basics of docker . How it works , its architecture and also a hands on to spin nginx container.

In this article i will show how to dockerize a MEAN application. We will create three containers one each for Angular , Node and Mongo. After that we will connect all three of them and make our website up and running .

Let’s get started .

Step -1 : Have your code ready on github

Please make sure you have your code ready on github as it will be used in…

Before telling about docker , let’s take a scenario which will help you in understanding where exactly docker comes into picture. So let’s say you worked on a MEAN stack application and any of your friend/colleague asked you to show your running application but unfortunately you are not carrying your laptop with you and the only option left with you is to use there laptop. Now , to run application on a new system, first you would be needing all prerequisites software or dependencies that supports your application then pull code from GIT and do lot other stuffs to make…

Amazon cloudwatch is an Amazon Web Service that provides you real time monitoring of aws resources and customer application running on amazon infrastructure.

What Does Amazon CloudWatch do ?

1)Create Alarms and send notifications
2)Collect, monitor and store log files
3) Send system events from aws resources to AWS Lambda, SNS etc
4) Collects and tracks key metrics.

What are resources Managed by AWS CloudWatch

2)Data stored in S3
3)Elastic Load balancer
4)Database (AWS RDS)
5)Other various AWS services

In this blog , i am going to share the use cases for each services along with the steps to…

So we are here in the second part of our series on MEAN stack application hosting on AWS. Before moving on i would like to tell the things that we have done so far. In part-1 , we have deployed our front end i.e. angular part on AWS using service like S3 for storing angular code and serving the bucket as static website, CloudFront as CDN service , we used Certificate Manager to create free SSL certificate and attached them to cloudfront, Route53 DNS service. …

Hi Folks , recently i created a website and went through lot of research as to where i should host it whether it should be on dedicated server or on cloud. Finally , i came to a conclusion to host it on AWS cloud. Seeing the growing demand of cloud in the industry and the kind of services we are getting from cloud providers are eye grabbing. Plus it would be a great learning as well. Being a novice in this field , it took a lot of time for me to understand services on AWS and build the whole…

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